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Spreading Christmas Cheer with Karl Chevrolet

    Karl Chevrolet

This holiday season, lots of families are making the decision to stay at home, including Karl Chevrolet owners Carl and Penny Moyer. Typically, the couple spends the colder months in Arizona, but this year they decided to stay close to home in Des Moines.

That didn’t dampen their holiday spirit though.

Carl wanted to do something to make the holidays special for their friends and family. So, he reached out to the team at Perficut to create a holiday display like no other.

To bring Carl’s dream to life, the team decorated the Moyer’s house, garages, fence, and roughly 80 trees and shrubs with more than 5,000 cool white C-9 light bulbs. Upwards of two dozen wreaths were hung and an abundance of pre-lit silhouette displays of Santa Claus, elves and more were placed around the grounds. The Perficut team also installed a 28-foot Christmas tree that took four days and a 45-foot lift to assemble.

The large-scale project took 20 days from start to finish with over a dozen crew members working to make sure that everything was planned, ordered and installed in time for the holidays.

In late November, the couple hosted almost 300 cars of friends, family, neighbors and Karl Chevrolet employees for an evening enjoying the lights. Carl and Penny greeted each car personally and for over two hours guests drove through the property to take in the lights as well as the couples amazing collection of vintage cars. In addition to the impressive lights display, guest received a box of cookies and could take a photo with Santa and Mrs. Claus at the holiday event.

Holiday Décor by the Numbers

Two 12-foot Christmas trees

One 28-foot Christmas tree

Three 7-foot ornament balls

Three 10-foot white stars

20+ wreaths

5,000+ C-9 cool white lightbulbs

15+ lit displays

Watch the Display Come to Life

“We have a great history with Perficut so when Carl [Moyer] decided he wanted to do this holiday lighting project, Perficut was the first place we called! We called their team on a Monday and it was only a day or two later that they came out to meet with us and start on plans. By the end of the same week, they had started on installation and were able to complete the entire project on a tight timeline before Thanksgiving day! To top it all off, the Perficut team was very clean, organized and respectful while they worked!”

– Jami Paulson, Karl Chevrolet