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Creating a Culture of Care

    Dera Burreson

Why Perficut Production Manager Doug Fulton strives to be savvy about safety

When he started his career at Perficut in 2010 Production Manager Doug Fulton was ready for a new set of challenges.

With extensive professional experience in hazardous waste management and representing both companies and unions on worker safety commissions, Fulton spent decades honed his skill set before joining the Perficut team.

Today Fulton travels to Perficut’s three office locations monthly to give safety presentations on a variety of topics to the company’s teams. He’s led presentations on everything from driver safety to seasonal threats like poison ivy or heat stroke. He also helped write, implement and update the company’s safety handbook as Perficut has grown and evolved. But his work is rarely done.

“I think that the thing I like most about safety is that it’s an ongoing educational experience,” he says. “You never master it.”

In his time at Perficut, that sentiment has held true. Fulton says he’s constantly adapting to new laws and regulations as well as the standards that Perficut’s clients require.

“It’s perfect because I love to read,” Fulton adds. “I’ll sit down and read the cereal box if there’s nothing else around.”

While safety policies and procedures may seem dry to some, Fulton says his passion is rooted in wanting to see the best for all of Perficut’s employees.

“At Perficut we’re like one big family,” he says. “You get to know these people and they become friends and family to you. You just want to see everyone go home safe at the end of the day.”

When he’s not in the office, Fulton is an avid motorcycle rider and owns three different bikes that he enjoys riding on and off road. But even when it comes to recreation, safety is still at the forefront of Fulton’s mind.

“I have found in my old age that I wear a helmet a lot more often,” he laughs. “It’s hard to preach safety all the time and pull into the parking lot with my helmet off.”


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