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Colorful Container


The Steps

1. Start with the Center
To add height and visual interest to your planter, begin by planting something tall like spiky orange bromeliad at the center.

2. Fill in the Edges
Next, add your trailer plants like lotus, yellow lantana and purple potato vine. These more neutral plants are placed along the edge of your planter.

3. Make the Most of the Middle
Add additional pops of color by finishing your planter with colorful orange zinnias and pink sunpatiens at its center.

Key Parts

This planter does best in partial shade with careful watering. The bromeliad does not take much water but the other varieties need water 3-4 times a week.

About the Designer

Lisa Fazio is Perficut’s Landscape Maintenance Manager. Her day-to-day includes maintaining her clients landscape beds as well as installation of color with annual and perennial gardens and planter pots. She is passionate about creating and caring for beautiful green spaces, colorful gardens and hundreds of planter pots throughout the city. Lisa received her Associate degree in Commercial Horticulture and has over 30 years of experience in all areas of landscape, specializing in annuals and perennials.


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