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Wright & Royal

    Loren Ekart

The new line of knives from The MudbuM Supply Shack is founded in adventure and rooted in history

In August of 2018, The MudbuMs took a trip to Chaffee County, Colorado in search of old gold mines, full trout streams, and high mountain campfires to enjoy our bourbon. After vivid nights sleeping on mountains and traversing miles of switch-backs, we ventured upon a building that beckoned us to enter. We found ourselves standing inside the tram house of the Mary Murphy Mine. Its timbers had been stacked almost 150 years prior and it was one of the first of its time. It operated like a ski lift. Carrying buckets full of minerals down the mountain via cable system that stretched over a mile. At the conclusion of that journey, those minerals were loaded onto mule carts and trains. It was an engineering marvel. The massive bull wheel which propelled the cable still stands today. The following day, we continued over the Continental Divide and into the small ghost town of Tin Cup. Once again, we were immersed in rich history. This time, with that of an old mining town enshrined in gold rush nostalgia. As we passed by the Tin Cup cemetery, my mind raced. Wondering what it would be like if we could listen to the stories of those who were laid underground within those four knolls.

Coincidentally, we were simultaneously designing a new collection of hand-forged knives crafted by an Army veteran. We had been seeking a name for our new brand until that moment. We would call the brand Wright & Royal in honor of the founders of the mine; Dr. Abner Ellis Wright & John Royal. Each knife to bear the last name of a local found in the Tin Cup cemetery burial records: Chadwick, Wolfe, Harrington, Maximer, and Klauber. Each person buried there had a story full of grit. One day, our knives will be handed down, full of stories that can be told for generations. These five knives comprise the Continental Collection. This name was chosen because the Continental Divide connects the Mary Murphy Mine to Tin Cup. I came home to find myself looking deeper into the story. I discovered that Dr. Abner Ellis Wright moved to Colorado from Iowa, which is our home state. The products offered under the Wright & Royal moniker complement one another. Sheaths for tools, leather wrapped bourbon glasses, journals, pipe stands, and holsters. Our product line is a direct exemplification of what you would find on the belts, in the hands, and on the tables of the men who carved their fate from the earth. Quality handcrafted items that can be passed down to the next generation with a story of the man that once carried it, sharpened it, and used it as it was intended.


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