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Perficut Quality Control Manager, Jeff Goode, has always had an eye for detail

    Barber Photography, Provided by KCL Engineering

Jeff Goode has been in the landscaping industry since 2002. He first started work as a crew member on a landscape installation crew before becoming a foreman and organizing a number of crews for a small landscaping company.

Today he helps coordinate and oversee the work of all of Perficut’s landscaping crews. While Goode doesn’t have a formal background in landscape construction, his experience and passion for the projects he works on makes him the perfect person to oversee installations from start to finish.

“I think my favorite part has always been looking back on the things we’ve created after a couple of years and seeing how the plants and trees have matured,” Goode said. “Seeing the clients being able to utilize those spaces is incredible.”

Goode recalls the work that Perficut did on the Mercy Cancer Center’s Community Healing Garden, which opened in 2014. He worked on the project from the planning stages until the installation was complete.

“Now I get to drive by and see the people at this facility, people who are struggling with cancer and going through treatment being able to sit in that space and enjoy the things we created,” he said.

Goode’s passion for his work not only comes from seeing how clients can enjoy their transformed spaces, but also from the ways the work Perficut does can inspire others.

“I have totally bought into Perficut’s vision for being the best at what we do. That goal of perfection is not just all about how quickly we get things installed, or how much money we can make. It’s also about people being able to look at the things we’ve done and say, ‘I want my landscaping to look like that and will pay whatever it costs to get it to look that way.’”

It’s no surprise that Goode’s attention to detail translates beyond his work with Perficut.

“I think the detail it takes to create things with wood is the same detail I have to pay attention to and look for in landscaping installs. Things should be square and have the right measurements. Everything being in its place the way it should be.”

As an avid woodworker, Goode uses the skills that make him a talented quality control manager to transform spaces using a different medium. But even away from the job site, his passion for perfection still shows through.

“I’m super particular about clean lines, and right angles. I am really kind of a minimalist,” Goode laughs.

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